The one of many TCC events to come, we are excited to host an upcoming networking/mentorship event through a platform called Glimpse this upcoming month! During the event, you will have the opportunity to connect 1-on-1 with potential mentors, mentees and also the TCC community members for simply networking. Whether you are looking for a potential mentor, mentee or just want to build some new connections, be sure to come to our event!

Please share your information below so that we can contact you further details about the event. 

How does the Mentorship Programme work?
A close-knit mentorship programme open to the Technology Consulting Community for career guidance by working professionals. The aim of this mentorship programme is for people who want to improve, upskill and prepare themselves for the workplace. As a mentor, you would provide guidance, feedback and support to the mentee. As a mentee, you have the freedom to schedule 1:1 meetings with your respective mentors for further guidance.

Join us on Saturday, June 19th at 11:00 AM (PDT), 2:00 PM (EDT), 7:00 PM (BST), 11:30 PM (IST) on Glimpse!
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